The Set for Success programme is an intensive youth leadership initiative funded by the Wimbledon Foundation in partnership with Barclays and delivered by the Youth Sport Trust.


Set for Success aims to use the power of sport to make a fundamental difference to the lives of young people facing an identified range of challenges.

From October to December 2022, data shows 11.6% of young people aged 16-24 are not in education, employment, or training (NEET, ONS 2022). This, sadly, is an upward trend exacerbated by mounting societal pressures, a cost-of-living crisis, and the ongoing fallout of a global pandemic.

This programme seeks to support those young people at risk of becoming NEET or otherwise not achieving their full potential. Through a series of sessions delivered by inspirational athlete mentors and teachers, active learning, and sport, it supports participants to improve their life and employability skills, their engagement at school, as well as develop their confidence, aspirations and self-esteem.

I've seen some huge differences in our kids since taking part in the programme. Confidence, communication and teamwork in particular. The programme has opened up a lot of doors for our kids and show them the potential they have.


Set for Success Pilot

Over the course of a three year pilot (2020-23) Set for Success engaged 426 young people, of which:

  • 56% were in receipt of free school meals
  • 32% had additional support needs
  • 25% were from ethnically diverse communities.

The programme proved successful in improving the attitudes, behaviours and key skills of these young people.

During the pilot:

  • 81% of young people improved their teamworking skills
  • 78% of young people improved their leadership skills
  • 76% of young people improved their communication skills
  • 74% of young people improved their resilience.

Furthermore, 80% of young people now know more about how these skills can help them in the future.


  • 82% of young people found an increased enjoyment in taking part in physical activity
  • 78% of young people improved their social connectedness.

Crucially, nine of 12 teachers reported an improvement in their students’ behaviour at school. Please take a look at the reports and case studies on this page for more information.

Due to the pilot's success, the project has been extended by the Wimbledon Foundation in partnership with Barclays, to further increase the reach of the programme. Over the next four years Set for Success will reach another 150 schools across the UK, engaging up to 3,900 young people. 

"This programme has bought me focus and confidence." - Student


"I didn't feel that confident doing sport in school at first, but this programme has made me come out of my comfort zone and be more open. It's really helped me and really change my life - I feel like a different person." - Student

"The programme has really raised the students' aspirations. Their prospects are a lot higher now." - Teacher


"I've definitely seen a change in my students in class and around the school. They have really enjoyed this programme and had opportunities they wouldn't have otherwise had." - Teacher

Interested in taking part?

If you want to find out more about Set for Success and whether you are eligible to take part, please visit the Youth Sport Trust website via the link below.

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