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Set For Success

The Set for Success Programme is an intensive youth leadership initiative funded by the Wimbledon Foundation in Partnership with Barclays and delivered by the Youth Sport Trust.


Set for Success has been designed to provide young people in under-served communities at risk of having more limited life chances the opportunity to develop valuable life and leadership skills through mentoring sessions delivered by inspirational athletes.

Over the course of the pilot (2020-2023) the programme has engaged over 400 young people from diverse backgrounds and has delivered a range of benefits for the those taking part, including:

  • Improved attitudes to, and progress at, school
  • Improved life skills, particularly team-work and resilience
  • A positive impact on future education or job prospects
  • Increased participation in sport and physical activity
  • Improved wellbeing.

Over the next four years Set for Success aims to engage up to 3,900 young people, from 150 schools in 30 areas of the UK.

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